Oh Them Pregnant Women!!

There are a few minor problems in Turkey such as freedom of the press or a conflict with Syria and Kurds, but to Turkish lawyer  Omer Tuggrul Inancer, the key issue to be addressed in Turkish society is -PREGNANT WOMEN IN PUBLIC! According to this observer of humanity, “announcing their pregnancy with a flourish of trumphets is against our civility. They should not wander on the streets with such bellies. First of all, it is not aesthetic.. It is disgraceful. It is not realism, it is immorality.”

I assume in days of Mohammed that women did not go out on the streets. Of course, in those times women continued working and doing the heavy labor required to run a home right up until the moment they gave birth. And, women did not swing their bodies. How about sending this man back to the good old days so he could really be shocked.

Oh, that stuff in Syria…