Oh Them Southern Baptists!

A Southern Baptist Convention is being held in the city of Nashville in the state of Tennessee and one can expect voices will be raised insisting that what they believe is simply what Jesus believes, or should I say, used to believe. Russell Moore, who speaks for many in the organization made clear the issues of the day that most concern those who believe in Jesus Christ are: pornography, homosexuality, and marriage. He also made clear, “if we have to choose between Jesus Christ and cultural respectability, we choose Jesus.” Of course, I thought the issue is not whether or not you choose Jesus as whether or not Jesus chooses you. I gather from concern expressed at the Convention, a great number of Christians believe that Jesus spent his daily life worrying about pornography or homosexuality or the issue as to who can or cannot marry. I just do not recall those issues being of great concern during his Sermon on the Mount.

According to Moore, these gay and lesbian folk “harm people.” He is also concerned about what happens if “you take the government out of recognizing marriage and recognize marriage as it is naturally.” I assume he means that animals in the forest do not get married, but they live together and raise kids, and never bother to check with a minister.

Oh, for a Christian convention which devoted its sessions discussing what Jesus actually discussed!