Oh, Them Swedish Women!

A Swedish woman went on a vacation to Greece and while on the island of Samos she was assaulted by a Greek man and raped. She returned to Sweden and a doctor who examined her body said there were signs of forced entry into her vagina. Back in Sweden, Jan Tordsson, took it on himself to contact the Greek Embassy in his country and protest against the young woman’s assault. Instead of conciliatory words, he received a reply from a high diplomat in the embassy. “On the contrary, my friend it is you who should be ashamed over Swedish women’s behavior on vacation in all parts of the world, and with what they do with foreigners in their own country.” The rumor in Greece is that Swedish women insure themselves for rape before going on vacation and then return home to file false charges of rape.

In other words, a Swedish woman subjects herself to ridicule by making charges of false rape? An interesting theory and it would be helpful if those making such claims would produce evidence. For example, could we see a copy of the insurance policy which they take out prior to false claims or rape?

Of course, speaking of rumors regarding sexual behavior, we have heard that Greek men………