Oh, Those Loose, Loose Women!

There are occasions in reading stories from the Middle East which concern the lives of women when a sigh of despair is the only logical response to yet another tale of oppressed Muslim males whose lives are violated by the actions of loose women. A female student at Cairo University was walking across the campus when she was assaulted by a gang of pseudo students who regarded her dress as unbecoming for a decent woman. In their view, only males can wear jeans or only males can walk around with a head not covered by something and certainly only males can walk where they damn well please. She was manhandled and pushed around by these male “students,” and I mean by males who have no idea as to the meaning of being in a college.

The actions of this woman infuriated Dr. Nasser Gaeber, president of Cairo University. He was shocked by the very idea of a woman at HIS university who wore–COLORFUL CLOTHES! Shocking, absolutely shocking behavior! She apparently had no idea that being in a university meant obeying the ideas of elderly men who sit around determining how women should or should not dress. Dr. Gaeber threatened to expel the women. However, he did admit “the girl’s mistake doesn’t justify what happened to her at the hands of the students.”

Of course, if women did not make mistakes, neither would males!