Oh, To Live In France!

I am an inhabitant of the United States of America which entitles me to pay high fees for health care, if I can get it, and work as many hours as possible. Sometimes I become jealous of French folk who, for some reason, have instituted the 35 hour work week. Obviously, anyone who does not want to work forty or fifty or sixty hours as I do must lack some moral fiber. I work because life in America requires plenty of dough in your bank account in case of some “emergency.” So, how come those frogs can get away with the 35 hour work week?

First, they lack a Tea Party. Second, they have this strange idea that all parents with children are entitled to decent day care. They still believe providing inexpensive health care is superior to having a health care system in which people die younger than those in over a dozen nations. Sorry, but Mr. Romney assures one and all the US IS NUMBER ONE IN EVERYTHING! Well, Mitt, we are-in OBESITY!

Let’s face reality in America, we lack the French spirit of enjoying life and -having time to do it. We pride ourselves on working God knows how many hours because somehow that results in a higher moral life. Personally, I doubt if God works more than a few hours a week, and by God, he has FREE MEDICAL CARE!