Oh Well, There Is Always Thailand!

During the past few months attention has been focused upon events in eastern Europe, missing plane, the always confusing passion filled Israel conflict with Palestinians, and the ongoing and always ongoing murder of the innocent in Syria. Of course, not to forget slaughter in South Sudan and the bumbling, stumbling so called government of Nigeria which has absolutely no idea where 300 kidnapped girls could be at this moment. So, how about a bit of good news? There is some new conflict in Thailand. Heck, who cares about Thailand? Who knows anything about Thailand? But, it is a welcome respite from troubles in other regions of the world. Anyway, the Prime Minister of Thailand is Yingluck Shinawatra whose older brother once was prime minister and stirred up the establishment by supporting financial aid to poor regions in northern sections of the country. He was forced to depart and told never to return.

The Thailand Constitutional Court will shortly rule as to whether or not Yingluck should join Thaksin. During the past six months angry mobs have been in Bangkok besieging government buildings and demanding the prime minister’s resignation. If the Constitutional Court says she broke the law, then she must resign and no appeal is allowed. Her simple response has ben, “I didn’t do anything that is prohibited by law.” Sorry, honey, you have the wrong brother.

Anyway, thousands of Shinawatra supporters in the north are ready to march on Bangkok and we can have another war.