Oiy Veh, Holocaust Beauty Contest!

I live in the 21st century so it is not surprising that bizarre events occur in my life. I am on Facebook  and each day people spend hours sharing information as to what they ate or how many  times they shit. So,  is there anything that could surprise me? Jewish groups in St. Louis accuse me of being a “self-hating Jew” who makes nasty comments concerning the oppressive Israel government which daily violates human rights. So, here goes. A BEAUTY PAGEANT IN ISRAEL FOR HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS!!

There was a Beauty  Contest for female Holocaust survivors that was won by 79 year old Hava Hershkovitz. She came out first among females who survived the Holocaust and are still around to wear beautiful clothes and walk on a platform. Talk about the macabre, talk about trivializing the Holocaust! What goes on in the minds of those who believe this contest in some manner displays respect for the people who died in the Holocaust.

We await:

A beauty contest for those who had limbs chopped off in West Africa.

A beauty contest for the woman who is most beautiful wearing a burqa.

A beauty contest for the most malnourished child in the Sudan.

How about a beauty pageant for drug runners?