Oiy Vey Mitt!

Mitt Romney is on a voyage to the world in order to display his talents as a foreign policy expert. This guy Obama has been pretending to know something about world affairs, but he never led a business, he never outsourced jobs to  countries of the world like the head honcho, Mitt. So, Mitt dropped off in London, insulted the British government and departed  with words of scorn sounding from the prime minister and other government officials.

Mitt landed in Israel and proceeded to tell Palestinians that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel and the reason that Palestinians lacked behind Israel was due to their lack of possessing a Jewish culture. The man who claims to know all about numbers and economics stated that Palestinians averaged $10,000 a year vs $21,000 for Jews. The actual figure is: Israel -$31,000 and Palestinians, $1.500.

Of course, Israel controls Palestinian areas and imposes restrictions. Once again Mitt has displayed the ignorance so common among Republicans when it comes to economic issues.