OK To Carry Guns On Planes-It’s 2nd Amendment Right!

A man arrived at Cairo airport on a plane that left John Kennedy Airport in New York. In his bags were guns, ammunition and a few knives, but he did not understand why anyone was upset because he had packed them in America. After all, Americans are worried about Muslims and terrorists, but don’t give a damn about some idiot member of the NRA who packs a few guns in his declared bags on a plane. The US Transport Security Administration does not understand why those folks in Egypt are upset, the man had declared a few of his guns, and the only problem stemmed from the undeclared guns. “Transporting arms within the United States, in checked bags, is permitted.” This, from people who supposedly are concerned about safety.

You guys in al-Qaeda, listen to some advice. Join the NRA, get a copy of the Bill of Rights, underline the passage in the 2nd Amendment, and tell any bozo cop who bothers you about guns and ammunition and bombs, that you are protected by the Bill of Rights.

Now, as for those cowardly liberals who believe suspects have rights under the Constitution, shove off. The ONLY right we Americans have is to shoot one another. Look it up, it’s in the Constitution!!