OK To Lie About Being Brave

Judge Robert Blackburn struck down the “Stolen Valor Act” as unconstitutional. This law makes it a criminal action to lie about having served in the military and receiving medals for being in combat. The case involves Glen Strondlof who claimed to have served in Iraq where he allegedly was wounded and received a Purple Heart to go along with a Silver Star. The law raises questions as to lies being told by political leaders who apparently are allowed to say what they please without facing punishment. For example:

George Bush claimed “Mission Accomplished” and we all know it never was.

Don Rumsfeld claimed he had a theory of fighting wars that was guaranteed to succeed in Iraq.

Dick Cheney still claims there were WMD in Iraq.

Barack Obama insisted the Stimulus Plan would create millions of jobs and reduce unemployment.

Rudy Giuliani continues to insist “he saved America after 9/11″ when the only thing he saved was an ever increasing bank account.

Republicans claim that Ronald Reagan restored fiscal responsibility to the American government and reduced taxes. Actually, the national debt during his watch increased from $700 million to $3 Trillion and he urged a large tax increase.

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele claims the war in Afghanistan is “Obama’s War.” As I recall US troops were ordered to invade Afghanistan by George Bush.

Sarah Palin now claims when she said, “drill, baby, drill,” she was referring to her dentist.

John McCain was for immigration reform before he came out against it.

LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh insist there was no collusion, they all just happened to wind up in Miami.