OK, You Can Stay

President Obama has pledged to remove American troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year except for some remaining personnel who will continue training Afghan forces. Afghan President Hamid Karzai finally made clear that he would  allow the American army to retain nine bases after most soldiers have departed the country. He did add a demand for “security and economic guarantees.” We can assume that means the American government will provide his government with billions of dollars to be used as Karzai decides. The issue of “security” raises some interesting questions. During recent weeks, Afghan and Pakistan forces have clashed since Pakistan allies are also friends of our enemies-the Taliban.

Does Karzai want a guarantee of American military aid if Afghan and Pakistan troops engage in armed conflict? Does economic aid mean that Karzai decides who gets the dough and how it is spent? If corruption was a virtue in Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai would be a saint in  heaven. Too many unanswered questions connected to people who can not be trusted.