Old Boys Trump Old Girls

Lt.General Craig Franklin heads the US air force in Europe and is a man who has friends in the military. A colleague, Lt. Colonel James Wilkerson, was recently convicted by a military court of sexually assaulting a member of the armed forces. General Franklin, used his authority under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to oversome a verdict that made Colonel Wilkerson guilty of sexual misconduct. Franklin informed the Defense Department that he had decided that Wilkierson was an innocent man. He was perplexed that “a doting father and husband” would commit the “egregious crime of sexually assaulting a sleeping woman.” Fair enough, there simply is no prior example of a doting father and good husband attacking a woman.

Senator Claire McCaskill pointed out that General Franklin has no legal training but went ahead and concluded that a military court made an incorrect decision. In effect, Franklin took the word of the man who was found guilty over the legal  decision of a military court. I assume  from now on the word of a rapist should be held in greater respect than that of his victim.