It is very common these days for individuals to be motivated by ideology or desire to help their group or religious faction or simply because they hate to engage in secret activities. So, it is refreshing to come across spies who simply are in it for the money. Hell, they don’t give a damn about Venezuela or any ideology, they simply want to pick up a few bucks. Nuclear scientist, Peter Mascjheroni and his wife, Marjorie, worked at Los Alamos for years and decided it was time to set themselves up for a nice retirement plan. Who knows in this economy whether your pension plan will make it through a few years or quickly run out. They contacted people in the government of Venezuela and offered to help that country build an underground plutonium laboratory and an above ground facility that would look like a power plant. In exchange, all they wanted was a few million bucks for their sunshine years. Unfortunately, the two got themselves caught up in a sting operation run by the FBI.

I am for these two people. They prove the spirit of competition, and the desire for greed are not dead in this world. They prove others besides jihadists are willing to lie and cheat. Up with old fashioned greed!