Old Fashioned Murder

Americans have been frightened during the past few months by murder of prosecutors and the Boston Marathon. Speculation about Muslim terrorists to  members of the Aryan Brotherhood have resulted in arrests, questioning and possible charges against alleged violence people. Alas, it turns out the murder of a Texas District Attorney is simply an old fashioned case of anger and hatred. Eric Williams was charged with the murder of Mike and Cynthia McClelland who had been shot several times. NO, it was not the Aryan Brotherhood, NO it was not some Muslim terrorists out to kill off decent members of our local government, it was simply a man and his wife who were angry at a couple.

Eric Williams and his wife Kim were arrested and charged with the McClelland murders. Mrs. Williams broke down and admitted that her husband did the killings. It turns out the murders arose out of a feud between small-town political rivals. McClelland has prosecuted Williams for stealing three computer monitors. Williams had claimed that McClelland was out to get him.

It is rather sad when we are happy that murders stem from personal reasons, not those from hate groups.