Old Folks At Home In Cuba

If one is interested in finding a nice country which welcomes those who are in their seventies and above, let me suggest a visit to the island of Cuba, whose new name is: Old Folks Inc. Fidel Castro is pushing 84, his “kid brother,” Raul is 79, and Raul’s new side kick is only 80. The first Congress in Cuba for over 14 years got around to having those who could actually stand up to come to the podium and receive accolades for their wonderful work in transforming Cuba into the world’s first elderly disfunctional society. The economy is going no place, people try to get by, if you are gay or lesbian or have some negative feelings toward the old men who lead the nation, a pleasant visit to the nearest prison should help get your head straightened out.

Fidel told the Congress how happy he was to have received so many compliments on his fine work in keeping the economy stumbling along. “I never thought I would live so many years,” he announced. We have a hunch, there are many in Cuba who wish he had NOT lived so many years.

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    It’s hard to imagine that Raul Castro will bring any positive change to the people of Cuba after 50 years of supporting his brother’s policies which include restricting people’s rights to make their own choices. What he will do is promising feeble reforms in order to remain in power for a while longer.