Old Gay Myths Die Slowly In Turkey

Myths concerning gays and lesbians abound in the world, but probably more so in Muslim nations in which clerics continue to wield power. Aliye Selma Kavaf, Turkish Minister of Family Affairs, infuriated gays and lesbians in her country by terming their “condition” to be caused by a “biological disorder” that she is all in favor of treating in order to cure people who have been infected by this terrible disease. The gay community led by LAMBD asked a public prosecutor to place Ms. Kayaf on trial on charges of inciting hate and fear as well as insulting her fellow Turks. Of course, since she has parliamentary immunity, nothing can come of any legal action other than wasting a lot of time.

The good news is that gays and lesbians in Turkey can express their views, the bad news is that most probably a majority of Turkish political leaders share the minister’s views about gays and lesbian.