Old Joe Stalin Ain’t As Popular As He Once Was

Joseph Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union from the 1920s until his death in 1953. Over twenty five million died because of his brutality and he failed to take adequate preparations when Nazi Germany was preparing to invade his nation. During his reign of terror anyone who did not agree he was the greatest person on planet Earth wound up in a special camp in Siberia. A recent television contest in Russia saw him grab the third position as to who was the greatest historical figure in Russian history, but in his native Georgia, poor old Joe did not even make the top fifty. A web site inspired by the Russian contest, Badnameofrussia.ru is asking people today who they rate as the person who is the “disgrace of Russia.” Prime Minister Vladmir Putin tops the list.

In recent years every time there has been an election in Russia, Putin comes in number one. If he doesn’t, then figures area adjusted to ensure he is the leader. Apparently, his people got confused when they heard there was a contest about who was tops in Russia, they naturally assumed their hero had to win it. Once again, Vladmir tops the list.