Old York Yankees Grow Older

I spent my youth as a Yankee fan when the team was called the New York Yankees. In those days just about every year a  bright young player emerged from the farm system-Keller, Rizutto, Berra, Mantle, Ford, etc.. and fans felt excitement in a home grown athlete who represented the spirit of what we termed the world’s greatest team. If money had to be spent for a player, it was because having an outstanding team was the goal,not making money off fans. That was then, today the Steinbrenner children have one thought in mind–making a profit.

The Steinbrenner family represents the modern Republican party. They want to create jobs for old worn out players in order to avoid spending money on young ones who might demand high paying contracts that extend for several years. The object of Steinbrenner job creators is to under-pay in order to over-pay the owners. Next year they will offer Yankee fans the perfect Old York Yankee team.