Olmert Praises Bush For Bringing Peace To Middle East!

It is the end of the Bush era and his friends undoubtedly feel the need to make some pleasant remarks to the president about his efforts over the past few years. In his farewell comments to Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, claimed the United States had helped to create the idea of a two-state solution to the Israel and Palestinian conflict and had ensured that peace was furthered in the Middle East. Perhaps, Prime Minister Olmert is trapped in a time warp, but does he really believe the Middle East in 2008 is more peaceful and secure than it was in 2001? “I’m sure that history books,” he said, “will be written the contribution that you made to the safety and security of many people will be greatly appreciated.”

History books are written by intelligent people who carefully study what happened in order to uncover a sense of reality. Any competent historian already knows George Bush brought terrorism to the Middle East and created chaos in Iraq and other nations of the region. Perhaps, Olmert forgets, former President Bill Clinton proposed a two state solution in 2000 that was more advanced and advantageous to Palestinians than anything that has emerged from the Bush era. If Arafat had accepted that proposal there would be a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.