Olympic Athletes Blast Olympics!!

Those who believe in the basic principles of the Olympics have been waiting for some sign of anger on the part of athletes who currently await start of the 2014 Winter Olympics since they are being asked to engage in competition in a nation that regards those who are gay or lesbian as second class citizens. All Quiet on the Eastern Front has too long allowed forces of hate to gain victory in their war against gays and lesbians. Fifty two current and former Olympic athletes including many gold medalists demanded that the Olympic Committee respect Clause Six of the Olympic Charter which guarantees non-discrimination for all who participate in the Olympics. They are furious that an Olympic is being held in a nation that discriminates against gays and lesbians to the point where it is a crime to speak openly in support of gay rights.

American Gold Medalist, Esther Lofgrn, spoke words that all should have spoken, months ago: “As an athlete, as an American, and as a believer in equal rights and equal opportunity for everyone, I realized that I needed to speak up.” Next step is a boycott of the Olympic games unless Russia agrees its anti-gay laws do not apply in the Sochi area.

Oh, Dimitry Cheryshenko, who is an executive of the Russian Olympic group, is upset. He pointed out there is a “protest zone” eleven miles from the Sochi games.