Olympic Gymnasts

I am not unlike most people who pay absolutely no attention to the vast majority of athletic events displayed at the Olympics. Gymnasts are not among my concerns as a devout baseball, football and basketball fan, but the Olympic team of young girls captured my attention. They represented all aspects of American society and their determination and concern for one another represented the essence of America.

Tea Party adherents constantly proclaim that our Founding Fathers had a selfish view of Americans. These young ladies cared for one another, if one stumbled, they all stumbled, if one felt pain, they all felt pain, they each wanted to the best for all. Isn’t that the essence of America? They represented the opposite of what Republicans claim is America. Republicans during the primary cheered at news someone lacked medical care. These young ladies would never shout such hatred.

These women ARE America– a land in which if one goes hungry, we all go hungry!