Olympics Built On Backs Of Ripped Off Workers

A Human Rights Watch report indicates the army of migrant workers who are toiling in Chna to build Beijing’s skyscrapers and Olympic facilities are under-paid, not paid, and work in unsafe and difficult conditions. the report cataloged a variety of deprivations suffred by the estimated one to two milliiion migrant workers who are constructing Olympic facilities. They lack safe equipment, live in crowded and unhygienic dormitories, lack access to medical care and are subject to arbitrary fines by bosses or have delays in receiving wages, provided they even get them. Human Rights Watch interviewed dozens of workers who reported many employers refuse to pay wages each month as required by Chinese law and they may even have to wait until the end of the year for what they are owed– provided they even receive the amount due.

Naturally, China’s Foreign Ministry questioned the reliability of the report. Its spokesperson, Qin Chang, claimed Human Rights Watch is “biased. It has some problems with its eyes. It has weaknesses in seeing things properly.” The Chinese communist government arose to defend the interests of the working class, but in these days, the only class being protected is the exploiting one. One can only wonder what Mao tse-tung thinks about a Communist China in which the workers are exploited by the government.