Olympics For The Masses

Brazil has been able to garner the right to hold the World Cup this year and the Olympics in 2016 so there is necessity to address issues of crime and poverty for fear these issues might emerge when thousands of people from other lands are in Brazil to have a good time. Some in Brazil are angry that billions are being spent for these games at a time when billions are needed to revamp the educational system or provide job training for those seeking jobs. However, first things first. Over 500,000 police are being ordered into operations to clean up the favelas which are integral to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of thousands live in shacks lacking basic necessities and thus become the source of gangs and violence. Police are making raids into these favelas, and yesterday they entered several and in the process killed six while gathering dozens of weapons.

These weapons are found throughout the favelas and crime is part of the culture of these hovels of shame. As long as those in the favelas killed one another no one gave a damn. Now, that a possibility exists of tourists being robbed that the government of Brazil is ready to take action. Poor-kill–poor. Tough luck. Poor-rob-tourist, send in the Army!!