Omar bin Laden– I Am His Son, Not His Follower!

There are father-son relationships in which the child desires to be like the most important male in his life. There are father-son relationships in which the child never wants to be anything like his father. Omar bin Laden was never asked by his famous father to join al-Qaida nor was he urged to participate in acts of violence. His father did emphasize to Omar that of all his children, he expected him to carry on his good work. Unfortunately, for Osama bin Laden, his son is a man of peace, not violence. “I would like to be in a position to promote peace. I believe the United Nations would be the ideal place for me.”

One can only wonder how the father regards the son who distanced himself from jihad or violence or hatred of the United States and western nations. Is there anguish in the heart of Osama bin Laden or is there some element of pride that his son has selected another path in life. Who knows, only Osama does.