Ominous Signs In Turkey

The United States State Department issued a warning to Turkey to avoid engaging in any hostile action against Kurdish separatists who are hiding in Iraq. The same day, Turkish military forces killed 8 members of the Kurdish Workers Party(PKK) and the Prime Minister was scolded and threatened with legal action for referring to an imprisoned Kurd leader by the word, “sayin” which is the English equivalent of “sir.”

The complaint of The Impudent Observer is failure on the part of the Bush administration to comprehend the volatile nature of the Kurdish situation when our forces entered Iraq. Even before the American invasion of Iraq, the Turkish government indicated misgivings because it feared fracturing of Iraq would result in new energy and arms for Kurdish separatists in their own country. At some point, American leadership has to create an overall policy design for the Middle East. At present, we move from topic to topic without any comprehensive idea as to where we are heading.

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