On Academic Freedom

An academic organization known as the American Studies Association voted to boycott Israel academic institutions because of policies by the government of Israel that deprive Palestinians of their human rights. In retaliation, a group of political leaders in the state of New York seek to cut off financial aid to any college in the state which supports the policy of boycott. In other words, one mistaken policy is leading to a second mistaken policy.

1. American colleges are not involved in any boycott policy.

2. The main American academic organization, the American Association of University Professors opposes the boycott on grounds it violates academic freedom.

3. Israel professors have been among the groups in Israel who have fought for academic freedom for Muslim professors.

Pro Israel groups, and by that I mean, those who seek to undermine the interests of Israel by supporting policies that only damage the reputation and interests of Israel, should support policies that result in peace between the state of Israel and Palestinians. In the end, Israel needs peace, it needs to compromise and it needs to become a partner with ALL Islamic nations in creating a Middle Eastern Economic Union. THAT, will bring peace to Israel!