On Armenia And Turkey

I am an American. Seventy years before my parents arrived in the United States of America a great war was fought to end slavery. Slavery was a horrible event in the history of my nation. I detest what it did both to those who were slaves and to the moral character of those who owned slaves. I am not proud of that aspect of my country’s past, but, I, had nothing to do with these horror. As a teacher I ensure students in my class know what happened to black skinned people, what happened to American Indians and to hatred and discrimination against Irish or Italian or Jewish people. For some reason, people in Turkey can not confront the fact that those living today had nothing to do with the Armenian massacre.

German educators today do an outstanding job ensuring that German youth understand the horror of the Holocaust. German youth are NOT responsible for the Holocaust, that was part of their nation’s past. It is time for Turkish people to move forward, acknowledge what happened and ensure that it never happens again.