On Atheists

I was raised as a Conservative Jew for whom God was an everday presence. I recall the initial time I, by accident, had a milk product while eating a meat sandwich. I went to be fearing that God would punish me, even by death. I awoke the next morning, the same as always and this led to my first doubt concerning the presence of a God. If I could eat a milk product with a meat product, what else could I not do became my thought? A silly example. But, there is scant doubt a high percent of young people engaged in modern media do not attend a local religious place to worship. They live for the moment, they enjoy life -or that passes for them as life– and God does nto dwell in their hearts.

Of course, there are millions of devout believers in God or a religon or some deity and they allow those institutions to dictate how everyday life is spent. Ironically, many who attend religous  schools emerge not believing in the religon. Why?

Modern religious leaders have not been able to bridge the world today with the world depicted in religious books–at least for a high percent of their followers.