On Being A Divisive President

The other night I caught Senator Marco Rubio lamenting about Barack Obama who he termed “the most divisive president in American history.” An interesting comment from someone who apparently does not know anything about the history of his country. As I recall, Republican Abraham Lincoln’s election–as a President– led to half the country seceding and the onset of a Civil War which cost 600,000 lives. Would you term that  “divisive?”

I will not trouble the ignorant Marco Rubio with the divisiveness of the Andrew Jackson presidency, the divisiveness of the Thomas Jefferson presidency, the 1912 presidential election which found Teddy Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson dividing the vote. Nor will I bother him about World War I which witnessed a divided nation on the issue of whether we should go to war.

I am old enough to remember Franklin Roosevelt as president. Marco, FDR was HATED by many Republicans and his wife was subject to ongoing slander. In the election of 1948, southern Democrats broke away to form the Dixiecrat party, progressives broke away to form the Progressive party and then there were the Republican and Democratic parties. Marco, did you learn about Richard Nixon and the divided America of the 1960s? Marco, did you learn about the divided America over Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights bill?

We need a Constitutional Amendment requiring members of Congress to read at least one American history book.

  • IconQ

    Ahhh from the mouth of my olde professor!  Thanks again for your wisdom…

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    The madness of what is going on is how so many college students prefer chatting on Facebook to challenging the wealthy of this nation. Obama is a moderate and as radical as Richard Nixon who also was for national health insurance.