On Being A Lecher

I confess to not always being the most faithful husbands when married along the way of having three wives, but the actions of Arnold Schwarzenegger are shocking. I am not a prude. If a man comes across a gorgeous woman who is interesting, witty, makes you smile and brings joy and beauty into life, it is understandable why the eye roams a bit astray. I agree that housekeepers and maids and cooks can be a terrific sexual allure, but, Arnie, please explain what attracted you to Mildred Patricia Baena? It is one thing to risk for Kate Upton, it is another to risk for Mildred Baena. I willingly admit to being a beauty bigot. I admire gorgeous interesting women. I once interviewed 35 Playboy Bunnies and drooled throughout the process, but, alas none of my dreams came true.

Dominique Strauss Kahn bewilders me. He claims that on a good day, at least one woman seduced is par for the course, and it is not unusual for make it a pair. So, a maid entered his room, Ms. Nafissatou Diallo has an interesting face and a nice proportioned body, but she definitely will not make the cover of any glamor magazine. According to her account, DSK lunged at her, and was wild with sexual fury. DSK, according to his wife, makes out with many women she knows, and many are quite attractive. So, why the maid?

Arnie, you may be a terminator, but you sure are not a man who has an eye for beauty. I apologize to Ms. Baena for not grasping what she possessed to turn the head of a man who has a gorgeous fascinating wife in order to have a dalliance with you. You must have something, but it is not immediately discernible to the lecherous eye.