Following are criteria for one who seeks to become a member of the Republican Party.

1. One must take  the hypocritical oath.

2. One must be against something that one was previously for.

3. One must promise never to allow a millionaire to pay higher taxes. Middle class, that is OK.

4. One must be for raising debt under Republican presidents, but oppose it under Democratic ones.

5. One must be for protecting sanctity of life of the unborn, but once born, fella, you’re on your own!

6. One must believe firing people creates jobs.

7. One must believe the nation needs leaders who have absolutely no economic or strategic sense.

8. One must believe there is a constitutional right to bring guns into schools, hospitals, churches, police stations and even halls of Congress.

9. One must believe Wall Street people are underpaid when ONLY receiving $150 Billion bonus payments.

10. One must believe the 17,000,000 unemployed are living a life of luxury if they can collect unemployment money.