1. Barack Obama is a day late in making decisions.

2. Sarah Palin is the student who hands in late work that is on the wrong topic.

3. Mitt Romney never knows he is late with his comments on issues.

4. The Republican party is late in entering the 21st century.

5. If Michele Bachmann was late she would think she was early.

6. Barack Obama is always three days late in explaining anything about what he is doing.

7. Mike Huckabee laughs away his late remarks.

8. Police are always late catching speeders and early getting those who do not make a complete halt at the Stop Sign.

9. The man who was late for the first date is early for the divorce date.

10. A late bloomer is the one who surpasses the Number 1 student in class.

11. My goal is to be late for the appointment with Death.

12. The current generation will be late for getting jobs and careers.