On Book Language And Censorship

I began teaching high school in the 1950s and 1960s at a time when some parents were upset because books like “To Kill A Mockingbird” described prejudice based on the color one a human being’s skin color as evil. In the year, 2009, a parent in a school in Toronto objected to use of this book on ground that the word, “nigger” appeared in the book. Wow! The word, “nigger” appeared in a book which decried injustice to Negroes. Oops, I just used the word, “Negro” which is not politically correct these days and I should say, “people of color.” I wonder what I do about printing speeches by Martin Luther King who used the word, ‘Negro” and wouldn’t be caught dead using the ridiculous expression, “people of color” which means absolutely nothing.

Believe it or not, the school board is considering substitution another book so the little teenage kids will not be exposed to the word, “nigger!” A few years ago I was reprimanded by some African American students for using the word, Negro. Of course, I was reading a speech by Martin Luther King who only used that expression.

When will the politically correct police learn something about the history of language.