On Bowe Bergdahl And Bravery

I did volunteer for the US Army during the Korean War, I did volunteer for front line combat, but my orders were cancelled and I was sent to the safety of a position at 7th Army headquarters in Germany. So, I never encountered front line combat. The wolves are now out to get Sgt. Bergdahl who was a deserter in combat. Men like Ted Cruz or the cute women on Fox News now are out to get this “coward.” Of course, none of those seeking his head ever fought anywhere for their country, but they are brave men and women who understand how to be brave –in the safety of Congress or a TV station. Let us examine the record about desertion:

1. During WWII in Europe, about 50,000 American soldiers deserted their post and fled to the safety of towns.
2. About 21,000 were actually placed on trial for desertion or rape or murder.
3. About 49 were sentenced to death.
4. Only one man, Private Eddie Slovik, was actually executed for the crime of desertion. He cracked up during the horrible fighting in the Hurtgen Forest which caused the death or wounding of over 40,000.
5. The other 48 men never were executed.

I do not know if Sgt. Bergdahl is a coward. I do know that anyone who has spoken with those who actually fight or have written memoirs of combat, know that in many cases a fellow comrade was shot by mistake. Such is the nature of war, such is the hell of war.

I cannot sit in judgment of Sgt. Bergdahl. For, one reason or another, he cracked up in combat. NO, he is not entitled to a welcoming home parade. He IS entitled to medical assistance as he fights his way through an emotional experience that was not pleasant.

I am sick and tired of those cute blond girls on Fox News pretending they know anything about combat and combat fatigue!