Capitalist nations constantly hail the defeat of Communist Russia and triumph of Capitalism.

1. Capitalism transforms the mind into an eternal image of dollar bills.

2. Capitalism convinces poor people they created their own poverty.

3.  Capitalism defines greed as the highest form of human endeavor.

4.  Capitalism convinces a true Christian the Devil is their God.

5.  Money factors into marriages in capitalist societies.

6. Capitalism transforms human relations into monetary ones.

7.  Capitalism convinces hedge fund billionaires they do the work of Christ by enriching themselves.

8.  The loudest “Christians” in a Capitalist society would deport Jesus and mock his respect for the poor.

9. Capitalism is simply a trick played by those with wealth to perpetuate their power and control of society.

10. Jesus was a SOCIALIST, never a Capitalist.