I have no problem with giving people a citizenship test, but it is only fair that tests given to immigrants should contain questions that any citizen could readily answer. It appears there was an incorrect question in the Danish test given immigrants. Question 27 asked about the responsibilities of the Nordic Council and the supposed correct answer was– to advise Parliament. According to the Nordic Council that is not the correct answer since their function is to advise the government, not Parliament. Brithe Hornblech, Minister of Immigration insists the answer is to advise Parliament regardless of what the Nordic Council tells her. She refuses to accept the possibility that her department made an error. In other words, if Ms. Hornbech took the test she would have an incorrect answer. Does this mean she should be returned to the nation of her origin?

I support any citizenship test that can be passed by 50% of the American people. If not, then it is Open Door to all immigrants. If we can’t pass our own citizenship tests, how can we ask immigrants to pass them?

P.S. I doubt if 20% of Americans could pass a test on the Bill of Rights!