On Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday. To those under the age of sixty, her death is of no importance since by the time they arrived in the world, she was at the beginning of her fame in the movies. But, to those of us who were teenagers or those in their twenties and a male with dreams of romance and even the terrible word, sex, she was the ultimate beauty. She was the “girl next door” with whom you shared a glance, the girl whose smile and radiance made your day a slightly better one. She existed in the minds of young men every night as they sighed in dreams of a date that would never occur.

Elizabeth Taylor had many marriages and each one appeared more complicated and confusing than the previous adventure into matrimony. But, who cared, she was ELIZABETH TAYLOR, and her beauty gave permission to do whatever her heart desired. How could any male become upset because she married this guy or that guy, we all wanted to be the next man in her life.

Alas, she is no more. Tonight, I shall dream of this beautiful woman of my youth, as she was, not as she is today. Dreams die hard, even at the age of 80.