On Family Values

The Republican Party is the party of family values. A main reason for its dislike of this  black dude, Barack Obama is over the issue how can it be possible that a person whose ancestors  come from the heathen lands of Africa represent all that is important and valid in the role of president of the United States of America. Republicans are the family value driven party. That is why they selected Sarah Palin to represent the true American family. OK, so her daughter had an out-of-wedlock child with a young man. The important thing is that her daughter plunged into a career as a singer or something like that while the child was home. OK, so the daughter in her desire to ensure that her child knew about dad forbid dad to see his daughter.

It now appears that Sarah’s son, Track is getting a divorce after one year being married and having a child. One must understand the Palins believe in family values. The Palins realize that Democrats seek to destroy American family values.  That is why Republicans hate Barack Obama. He spends time with his daughters and loves his wife. Which party represents the values of America??