On Global Warming

I inhabit the state of Missouri where a majority of people do not believe there is anything such as global warming. Of course, “the government” claims that one-fourth of farm counties in this nation are burning up with heat. Last year there was a huge drought in Russia and many parts of Europe. OK, so it is hot. OK, so crops are shriveling and water is becoming scarce. OK, so now ships can sail across the northern part of Canada because the ice has melted. OK, so the past ten years have recorded the hottest period in human history over the past hundred or so years.

I interviewed a man who does not believe in global warming. He pointed out that God, in His infinite wisdom, wants the Earth to have hot and cold periods. It is part of intelligent design. Sounds reasonable to me. God loves to swim and when it gets hot, He heads for the nearest ocean or pool. He just does not enjoy swimming in cold weather.

Makes sense to me. I suggest to all who do not believe in global warming to turn off their air conditioner and enjoy the cool weather.