1.   God will never win any prizes for body design. It wears out with use.

2.   Then again, God definitely will not win a prize for mind design.

3.  If God had meant us to pay our debts, we would all have been provided with gobs of money or the 11th Commandment would have required the wealthy to pay at a 70% rate.

4.  I wonder if God screwed up other life forms as He did us.

5.  I will not believe in the existence of God until the Chicago Cubs win a World Series.

6.  One thing for certain, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are living proof we need a few abortions.

7.  If Christians, Muslims, Jews or whomever are true followers of God, then chalk me up to being an atheist.

8.  Somehow, it is hard to believe God has FAVORITE children.

9. I love God, but wouldn’t want to marry Her.

10.  Question to God:  Why the hate and violence in the human heart?