On Government, Circa, 2013

I was conceived shortly after the great Stock Market crash of 1929 so I spent my life as government conceived new roles for its interaction with citizens of society. Of course, there were many who preferred the “good old days” when people had a right to starve or be deprived of the right to take up space in hospitals. The Constitution clearly states in the 2nd Amendment that I possess the right to have a gun and I have the right to be hungry. Fortunately, we had President Franklin Roosevelt who came out swinging against wealthy businessmen who believed government existed to further their business goals. It was OK for evil government to construct roads to transport their goods or build ports to assist export or import of goods, but when it came to providing decent wages that was definitely not the prerogative of government. So, FDR put millions back to work, a concept still unknown to either Congress or the president.

Our nation was divided during the 1930s into those who wanted ALL Americans to secure work and decent living conditions vs those who could only shout, “communism” if any such ideas were uttered, he DID help workers create unions or get Social Security–that actually worked. We actually once had a government that could build roads, 70,000 p[lanes or a ship each hour of the day, each day of the year. Today, we have a Congress that can barely pass a single law in a week, let alone a single intelligent idea in a month.

We have come a long way from arming and equipping 15,000,000 soldiers to providing health care to our nation.