On Guns, On Guns

The Gun Debate has arisen in America as it always does following a massacre by some gun fanatic. Defenders of current laws rush to proclaim that “people kill people, not guns.” True, but people armed with semi automatic weapons can kill a hell of a lot more folk than those armed with a revolver. President Obama has opened  the Pandora’s box by suggesting there might be a few reasonable laws restricting access to semi-automatic weapons. Gun lovers are up in arms at the thought they might be deprived of a semi automatic weapon when they go out to shoot defenseless deer.

What is meant by “reasonable laws?”

1.  Ban sale of automatic weapons.

2. Restrictions of how much ammunition can be purchased during a month.

3. Background checks before anyone can purchase a weapon.

4. No weapons allowed in schools, hospitals, public building, in the vicinity of a political leader who is giving a speech.

5. Compulsory requirement that anyone who has a permit to fire a weapon has passed a course in use of guns. We demand evidence people can drive a car, why not use a weapon?