We offer some comments on the use of guns in American society.

1. It is said that people, not guns, kill people. With an automatic weapon in one’s hands a heck of a lot more people are going to be killed than with a knife.

2. Gun lovers insist they need a gun to protect themselves. If we armed every American from age three to 100 with their own gun this would end violence in America.

3. We require passing an exam in order to drive a car, but no such requirement for owning a gun. How about ending driver exams and let anyone on the highway?

4. On one hand, gun lovers complain about the rise in crime, on the other hand sales of guns rose 50% the day Obama got elected. Is is rise in crime or elections of people you don’t like that results in more guns?

5. I favor the right of every American to own a gun from age 5 on.

6. I believe it is unconstitutional to deprive those in prison of guns. Read the 2nd Amendment, it says anyone can have a gun!

7. Who would you like to encounter at midnight in a deserted area, someone with a gun or someone without a gun?

8. How come Jesus never carried any weapons except the weapon of love?

9. How about inventing guns that only function when another gun is pointed at it?

10. The last time I used a gun was in the US Army in 1953. The next time I use one will be in heaven when we have a water pistol fight.