My pap walked a thousand miles to get a boat which took him to America. So does an illegal immigrant walk hundreds of miles. They are my brothers and sisters–WELCOME TO THE PROMISED LAND!

I am an immigrant in heart and soul. So are you. Only you don’t know it.

Each person whether from Asia or Africa or Europe is an illegal immigrant. Heck, the Indians came from Asia and never had the legal right to enter.

Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant who created our banking system.

My uncle was an illegal immigrant from Germany in 1919. The immigration people caught up with him in 1922, The said: “Mr. Zuckerman, you are a hard working baker with two nice children. Study to become a citizen and when you become one, vote.” He did what they asked. How many born here vote in every election?

If I turn my back on an illegal immigrant, I turn my back on myself.

By the way, has anyone ever seen the birth certificate of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Andrew Jackson, etc…?

I am an American and so are any dwelling in our nation.

I once stood on a street in Frankfurt, Germany where my uncles and aunts used to live. I cried in gratitude they had been able to flee Nazi Germany in time. Yes, they were immigrants.

During World War I, one of my uncles fought in the German army, one in the Austrian army, one in the Russian army, and one in the American army. We are an all American family.