On Jerry Sandusky

I am a devout lover of sports and during the 81 years of my life have followed what happens in the sports world with fervor of the true believer. I read initial stories  dealing with how Jerry Sandusky abused boys over the years and simply shook my head in disbelief. Like many sport fans who admired Joe Paterno and the Penn State football team, it was confusing to learn that an assistant coach abused boys. I did not want to know.

Mr. Sandusky was found guilty and, at age 68 faces the prospect that his remaining years of life will be in prison. I doubt if he will have any contact with males in which he can force his desire on them. The reverse might be all that will occur. There is sadness about this case. Sadness that no one intervened, sadness that our fascination with sports leads to pretending certain things do not occur. Sadness that love of money and glory leads colleges to simply ignore behavior of those who bring such goodies to the institution.

I do not feel hate toward Sandusky as  much as I feel disgust not only toward him, but toward the entire sports power group at Penn State. The good news is that Sandusky was caught, placed on trial, found guilty and will be punished. The bad news is there are dozens of men like him in the halls of ivy who hide behind the power of a good football team to abuse and lie.