It is only fitting on this day which remembers events that occurred over two hundred years ago that Americans reflect on just who were the men of that era. According to Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or any of those seeking the Republican party nomination for president, our Founding Fathers were determined to create a society in which power was vested in states, not in a national government. Well, let’s look at the record of WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED:

1. The initial Articles of Confederation which vested power in states was torn up and replaced by the Constitution.

2. The new Constitution created a powerful national government.

3. Within a few years after writing this new document, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton created the Bank of the United States to be the center of financial control.

4. George Washington argued strongly for a national army because he lacked any faith in state militia.

5. Thomas Jefferson loosely interpreted the Constitution in order to have the Louisiana Purchase.

6. The Washington administration was followed by other presidents who loosely interpreted the Constitution in order to have tariffs that benefited development of industry and business.

7. Thomas Jefferson in his inaugural speech urged that those who opposed the American government should be allowed freedom of speech– he apparently did not seek a “Patriot Act.”

And, Michele, Paul Revere did NOT ride to warn the British.