On Killing And Winning

The United States of America will once again send the dogs of war into combat based on the assumption the way to win wars is to kill the enemy. It is a basic belief of the Obama administration that if one kills the top leaders of “terrorism” then the remainder of terrorists” give up the battle and return to peaceful pursuits in life. There is not a single example during the 20th century that once the bad leader is killed, then his followers end violence. Our drones continue to pick off that bad guy and this bad guy, but the battles go on and on and on. After American forces swept through Afghanistan in 2001 absolutely no effort was made to address issues of jobs and economic development and providing extensive medical aid to the population. Instead corrupt government arrived in villages and engaged in abuse of the population.

Frankly, it is too late and too little for the people of Afghanistan. They do not want drones in the sky, they simply want a better life for their families and villages. Tomorrow, another “bad guy” will have his life ended by a drone. But, the dogs of war will continue howling in anger. Sorry, Mr. President, death does not translate into peace.