On Laws That Are Not Needed!

Legislatures of the world tend to have a propensity of passing laws that most probably serve no purpose other than pleasing someone’s momentary anger. The parliament of Lithuania just passed legislation that makes illegal the public display of Nazi and Soviet symbols such as the swastika or the hammer and sickle. It also prohibits any public showing of the Soviet flag, military uniforms or the Soviet five point star and definitely makes illegal playing the Soviet national anthem.

It is difficult to ascertain why at this moment in history Lithuania feels compelled to insult the people of Russia by declaring illegal public displays of the uniform of Russian soldiers who drove the Nazis from the Baltic region. What exactly is gained by such provocative insults to a neighboring nation? Lithuania can not forget the years of occupation by the Soviet Union, but the troops who battled and died to free the world from Nazi rule are certainly in another category. They should be honored and respected for ending Nazi rule in Europe.

Of course, there apparently is no effort on the part of the legislature of Lithuania to examine the horrible behavior of some(a small minority) of its citizens who collaborated with the Nazis. Another time, another place in Lithuanian history. How about keeping it in the past and going on with our lives today? Honor what Russia did right and condemn evil of the Soviet Union.