On Life And Death

John Ferguson, age 65, was killed by lethal injection on Friday, which is another example of
Florida killing people. Mr. Ferguson was a man who had been diagnosed as beng a sciophrenic individual. He believed that God had given him super powers to control the sun. There is scant doubt he was a mentally ill human, but the execution proceeded. Let us make clear that Mr. Ferguson was guilty of being part of a gang that killed six people during a robbery, and after the crime killed two high school students.If you believe an eye for an eye, your conclusion is that this man had to die.

His lawyers argued that Ferguson was mentally ill. He was under the delusion that humans could not kill him because of his close ties with God. He thought prison guards were communists who wanted to kill him because he was the prince of God. He was certifiable mentally ill. Lawyers attempted to prove his death would be a violation of the Eighth Amendment which prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment.” They wanted him in jail for life.

Those who lost loved one have hearts demanding revenge. It is understandable. The issue is whether this man was in command of his mind when committing the murders. It is difficult to believe that he knew right from wrong.