On Nakba Day

On Sunday, thousands of Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese and other supporters stormed the borders of Israel in order to protest the creation of the state of Israel. The Israel government had 10,000 troops prepared to handle these protests, but as thousands surged toward fences, troops began to fire and the death total is anywhere from a few to a dozen while many others were wounded. Israel officials claim they were unprepared for the massive assault on their border. People died. Anyone who has the slightest grasp of conditions in the Middle East knew it was simply a matter of time before Arabs marched in and towards Israel. The issue during the past two years is clear– an Israel government finally has in place a Palestinian government headed by President Abbas which desires to forge a final agreement with its government. Instead of seizing the day, instead of seizing the moment for peace, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prefers the politics of getting West Bank settlement votes. He plays to the crowd of Orthodox Jews who dream of a world that never existed and use God to excuse their greed and insolence.

There is a solution to the current impasse. It requires daring, innovation and a willingness to surrender some land in exchange for peace. If there is no peace today, there will be violence and a jihad tomorrow. To those who care about Israel and Palestinians, the solution lies in COMPROMISE!

1. Palestinians are willing to allow about 5% of the West Bank to remain under Jewish control.

2. East Jerusalem must become the capital of a Palestinian state.

3. Create a Middle East Union which will allow sharing resources and developing the region in order to address issues of poverty and lack of jobs.

Benjamin Netanyahu can become another Assad or Mubarak or he can become another Mandela.